Graf Haufen v.a. – Kontinuität der Befindlichkeiten

Vinyl-On-Demand is a label that started this year. They release wave and obscure electronic music that was mostly only available on tapes or in very limited quantities. This lp consists of tracks by the various incarnations of the obscure 80’s musician Graf Haufen.

Under different names he released his music. This record features tracks by T.O.L.L., Porno-Graf, Geländeterror, Vorprogramierte Zwangneurose, Die Ratten and Potenzstörung ’81.

The music on this release is truly analogue minimal electronics. It is repetitive, raw, unpolished and with very clear wave elements. These recordings are really nice and a must have for every fan of obscure minimal and wave music.

You can also become a member of the label and be assured of all releases and get also some nice extras.

artist: Graf Haufen v.a.
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: lp, 14 tracks [VOD03]