Grandchaos – Ionize me

The sound of this mcd is not really a surprise, since I have heard previous material of Grandchaos and of Tcheleskov’s other project IDLO. These five new tracks again offer us cold sounds and dark vocals in the electronic body music tradition (Klinik, Click Click). I also have to think of late 70’s minimal electro pioneers like Suicide. This time also some technoid influences are incorporated, like on the fast title track ‘Ionize me’, clearly aimed at the dancefloors, and also present on this EP in a slower version. Despite this modern element, the sound of Grandchaos is still rather nostalgic. I think the tracks are a little too minimal and the arrangements too simple to reach a lot of listeners. To listen to this EP is certainly no torture, though a whole album of these retro-sounds would become a bit boring.

artist: Grandchaos
label: Urgence Disk Records
details: mcd, 5 tracks, 23 min. [KAB 017]