Grandchaos – La Forge

Grandchaos is related to IDLO, a Belgian project I reviewed earlier this year. Both projects have in common that they make rather minimal electronic music with a nostalgic 80’s sphere. Not so strange, because Tcheleskov Ivanovitch, the man behind this project, started his musical career in the 80’s. Grandchaos comes closer to classic EBM, with music which has dark vocals, unlike the instrumental electropop tracks of IDLO. The five tracks sound monotonous and threatening, in the tradition of The Klinik and Dive, Fad Gadget or early Suicide Commando. The low manipulated vocals also remind me of Dirk Ivens.

The songs are mid-tempo and not very melodic. Thematically they deal mostly with computers and games. My favourite track is ‘Density’, which is the most dynamic, with a consequent drumbeat and various electronic layers. ‘If you need’ is a little more avantgarde, somehwat like the mnore experimental work of Die Form. I find this actually quite pleasant music to listen to, also because I used to listen to this type of cold EBM a lot. Solid minimal electro with a few experimental elements. If there are many people around waiting for this oldschool music in these futurepop times is another matter.

artist: Grandchaos
label: Galaxy
details: 5 tracks