Graphik Magazin – Nachtprogramm

Nachtprogramm is the debut album by the German minimal electronics act Graphik Magazin. The minimal electro pop which Graphik Magazin plays is in the tradition of bands like The Normal and No More. On top of the tight rhythms and simple melodies the German lyrics are spoken in a fierce way. Some songs like ‘Arten einer Pop-Kultur’ and ‘Zentren aus Licht’ even sound militant due to this and the pulsating sounds and ongoing rhythms.
There are also some more quiet songs on Nachtprogramm. ‘Sie sind hier’ and ‘Vertrauen den Maschinen’ are examples of more melodic orientated tracks.

Due to this variety the album is pleasant to listen to. Even though the music is very minimal. The song structure and the duration could be better in some instances, especially in relation to the minimal character of the music. But, besides this Nachtprogramm is a very nice album.

artist: Graphik Magazin
label: Firecracker
details: 10 tracks