Graphik Magazin – Reklame und Schatten

The first cd by Graphik Magazin, ‘Nachtprogramm’, displayed the minimal elektro / synthpop style of the act. Despite its original sound the record was not completely satisfying because not all tracks were very strong. At times the music was a bit boring because it was too minimal and the tracks too long.

It seems as if Peter Montage, responsible for music and texts, thought the same. Reklame and Schatten features good and danceable tracks, that are much better structured and more varied than before.

The result is a nice cd with catchy songs that you will remind after just one listen. ‘Weit, weit’ and ‘John Heartfield’ are made for the dancefloor, but playful songs like ‘Good Morning!’ en ‘Kinderlied’ make Reklame und Schatten also worth listening too.

This second album is all you might expect and more. The progress Graphik Magazin shows on Reklame und Schatten is enormous, even while the character of the music has staid the same. This is a wonderful and uncomplicated electronic pop album.

artist: Graphik Magazin
label: Kompuphonik
details: cd, 10 tracks [KPM 002]