Grey Wolves, The – Division

Besides Con-Dom and Genocide Organ, The Grey Wolves have quite a reputation as purveyors of ‘cultural terrorist’ power electronics. It’s one of the reasons why cult lp’s such as ‘Catholic priests fuck children’ and ‘The age of dissent’ make large amounts of money on eBay. The Grey Wolves have quite a discography, but they have never bothered to renew themselves ‘noisically’ nor conceptually. The Grey Wolves is always, and will be: harsh walls of noise, barely audible distorted rhythms and samples that complement their concepts: terrorism, racial hate, religious hate and more hate in general.

‘Division’ was announced for ages but has come to see the light of day in 2003. The nice white box comes with twelve inserts and a poster, mainly containing collages of terrorist attacks (on the WTC of course), aggression and oppression. Their slogans are (as always) present on them, mostly dealing with issues of power and resistance.

‘Division’ consists of twelve tracks of brutally distorted power electronics, complemented with the usual samples (political statements, Muslim fanatics and such), and vocals. Some tracks however, seem to be more atmospheric and clearer of structure then the ones on the lp ‘Many are called but few get up’ or older records. Track two ‘Not your country’ for example, is a nicely calm track, evolving around the whispered words ‘This is not your country, it never was, it never will be’. Track nine, ‘Blood lover, blood hater’ has the same, mantra like quality. The noise bursts are less sharp and less present then on previous albums I know. Rumblings and soft hisses are determining the structure. This is only the case with a few tracks, so to say The Grey Wolves are going in a new musical direction might be a little exaggerated.

Overall, ‘Division’ is a very pleasant record for lovers of aggressive and cynical noise, sometimes even enjoyable without having your ears bleeding or your neighbours chasing you with a kitchen knife.

artist: Grey Wolves, The
label: Tesco
details: boxset, lim. 1000 pcs. 12 tracks, 2003 [TESCO 055]