Guilty Connector und Tabata – S/T

This CD is a collaboration between the Japanese projects Guilty Connector and Tabata. Guilty Connector comes from the noise scene, and is closely related to MSBR. Tabata is best known for his guitarplaying for Zeni Geva and the Boredoms, as well as other Japanese guitarbands.

This collaboration is an attempt to fuse noise with psychedelic rock. This results in the highly abstract experimental sounds emitting from my speakers right now. This release has a sort of alien feeling to it, it is just really, really weird. It can best be compared to acts like, Acid Mother Temple, Subarachnoid Space, or perhaps to John Zorn doing psychedelic noise.

This release is both interesting and undigestible at the same time, erhmm?. Fascinating!

artist: Guilty Connector und Tabata
label: Even Stilte
details: [ES101]