Gunjah – Funkwelt EP

This is the first record by Gunjah and it has taken a while for this release to see the light of day. The record was planned for months but for unknown reasons it was delayed. In the meantime the title track was featured on the Neo.Pop.03 compilation cd.

The sound of this record can be described as a mix of steady beats somewhat in The Chemical Brothers style combined with the modern disco sound of Daft Punk the dancefloor mentality of contemporary electroclash and now and then even the classic sounds of Kraftwerk pop up.

In short, Funkwelt is an accessible modern dance record with an arty edge to it. Despite the dance attitude the tracks ‘EF-Kondensat’ and ‘ Weniger is Weniger’ have a relaxed lounge kind of feeling. This is due to the warm sound. Because of this the EP is also a nice record to listen to. Funkwelt is a good effort although the record could use a little more dynamics from time to time.

artist: Gunjah
label: 1st Decade Records
details: 12', 4 tracks [1st016] distributed by Fount Music Benelux