Gustaf Hildebrand – Starscape

The Canadian label Cyclic Law keeps expanding its stable. After Invercauld they have another dark ambient artist on offer which was unknown to me: Gustal Hildebrand. This is the first release under his own name, Gustaf is also known for his project Lithium and collaboration with Karjalan Sissit. As the title ‘Starscape’ already indicates, on this album he translates imaginary space journeys to dark soundscapes.

Long extended textured layers of sound give the music a spacious feel. The soundscapes are rather minimal, with a chilly industrial sound, (subliminal) almost inaudible voices and a desolate mood. The music is rather dense and massive, which makes you feel very small in the immense universe. A convincing sonic journey with deep drones to accompany you on your way up, to a black hole if you don’t be careful…

artist: Gustaf Hildebrand
label: Cyclic Law
details: 6 tracks, 44 min. lim 500 copies [7th cycle]