Gutzeit, Brent – Losing every day

Brent Gutzeit is a member of the group Tv Pow, but is perhaps better known for his beautiful collaboration release with James Plotkin (Old, Khanate, Phantomsmasher) on the Kranky label. Furthermore, Gutzeit has collaborated with artists like Jim o?Rourke, Kazumoto Endo and Kevin Drumm. He also runs the Boxmedia label.

The music of Gutzeit is hard to qualify. It is made with a laptop computer and field recordings, and therefore differs in style. Sometimes it is very subtle and droney, and sometimes it is restless and noisy. This release contains different styles. Still Gutzeit manages to create his own musical identity. In between the abstract sounds, which are often very soft, are tiny melodic parts, like short strokes of a piano or something, which give this release a slightly melancholic feeling.

Overall Gutzeit delivers a nice first album, although I feel that he still needs to work on creating a bit more of an identity yet to become truly interesting.

artist: Gutzeit, Brent
label: Kissy Records
details: [kis001]