Habeeb – Il Cancello Della Morte

It seems to become the new format of cd-packaging, the A5 DVD-box. And
where this brings some problems with storage, it also creates room for
more detailed artwork. Not exactly back in time to the vinyl album-sleeve,
but it does look better, that much is for sure.

However it still is all about the music of course. Habeeb is a project
of L. Ker, whom we know from his power noise with Steelhook Protheses.
Habeeb however is not anything like this. Instead it gives the
listener some good dark-ambient. Not surprising the listener for the
first seven tracks, but giving good quality music.

Drones, sweeps and filters fill the room, sometimes I think it is only
the wind blowing a bit louder outside, then again some rhythmic ambient
noise comes in again and brings back some structure into the tracks.
Nicely done, but as said, I’m missing moments of suprise.

The start of the last track is the first moment I really awake on this
record, some almost alt-folk sounds with some word-like sounds are the
prelude to “Keepers Of The Death Gate” a track that does not fit the
album. But worse it is just not a good track, not a track that
attracks the listener. Too bad, as the rest of the album is well worth
listening too for the fan of pure darkambient. Now it is an album that
is nice, but not more, alas.

[this album is an expansion of Habeeb’s 3″ mcd of the same name, released in 2003 and reviewed on funprox before. Somnambulant Records was then still called Somnambulant Corpse.]

artist: Habeeb
label: Somnambulant Records
details: CD-R, 8 tracks, 2004 [som003]