Haïku – Synthese

This release comes in a strikingly beautiful ‘tin can’ case, with a small sticker on it which does not provide a lot of information. The music on the CD ranges from experimental electronica to more standard idm.

It is well produced and quite varied. However, It lacks a certain ‘drive’, something which makes you want more and more. The use of strings is very minimal, and not enough to form a sort of story or tread which makes the listener follow what is going on. The work is mainly focused on rhythm and quite simple melodies. It is like listening to something that was meant as background music.

This release can best be compared with works of the Toytronic or Eat This labels, but is a bit less refined. It is like an ‘elevator’ version of idm, something for the background.

artist: Haïku
label: Parametric
details: metal box