Halo Manash – Par-Antra I: Vir

The first release on Finland?s latest label ?Aural Hypnox? is by an act called ?Halo Manash?. Judging from the packaging, which contains all sorts of occult imagery, I expected this to be another dark-ambient release, one of many. In a way this is certainly true, the music is very dark, and dense. However, I was positively surprised by the quality of the music as well as the approach to making it.

The group makes very intense dark-ambient soundscapes, but in addition to the usual synthesizers also uses vocals, chants, ritual drumming, and drones. The 9 tracks presented have a consistent quality and intenseness. The overall atmosphere is very dark, but sometimes slightly reminds me of the works of Troum or Inade or even Voice of Eye.

In all this is a very nice start, I hope Halo Manash will soon loose some of the more clich? ?dark-ambient? and ?occult? influences and move on towards making their own music.

Over an hour of fascinating ritual soundscapes. That’s what Halo Manash from Finland offers us. This is the first part of a trilogy named Vir by this artist who also has another project named I.Corax.

Shimmering ritualistic musick inspired by occultism and science. With the help of analoque synths and diverse snare and other instruments, shamanic percussion as well as sparse samples, voices and chants, Halo Manash draws you deeper and deeper into his hyptnotic world. After a while this music makes me drowsy.

The music is experimental, but not inaccessible. Some names that come to mind are Rapoon and Nurse with Wound. I quite like the third track, with its whispered vocals and droney background. Also great is the dark cinematic, almost classical ‘Aurash IX’, taking you to dark catacombs. Halo Manash has created quite special and intense dark ambient music. The sound quality of the ritual soundscapes and the packaging are also above average.

artist: Halo Manash
label: Aural Hypnox
details: 9 tracks, 63 min. [AH01]