Halo Manash – Syoma

More dark ritual soundscapes by Halo Manash from Finland. The previous album “Par – Antra : Vir” was the first part of a trilogy, but “Syoma” seems to stand on its own. The album has a nice mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments and also a pretty original sound.

Expect ritual chants and percussion, slowly enveloping guitar drones, weird sample and keyboard textures and sounds of various ‘ethnic’ instruments. A variety of instruments are used like analog synthesizers, guitar, windbones, sinebotar, pipes, bells, vocals, chanting, samples and percussion. Most tracks are pretty long and have a spiritual, rather hypnotic character. The soundscapes vary between minimalism and a dense sound, gaining and dropping in intensity.

Halo Manash really take you to a strange, somewhat scary world. Not only the music is obscure, but also the thematical content: “all of the material on this album is dedicated to and inspired by the dynamic subconscious force which gave impulse to visions relating to auto-cannibalism and metempsychosis.”

artist: Halo Manash
label: Aural Hypnox
details: 8 tracks, 2004 [AH03]