Hamre, Karsten – Broken Whispers

Karsten Hamre is an allround artist (photo, video, music) who is active in several projects like Arcane Art en Penitent for several years already. Still this is only his first solo-album. It’s an album full of electronic dark ambient that reaches beyond the borders of this description.

Experimental in its roots the music somehow doesn’t escape the “heard this before” stage. Which does not say it is not good what one hears, as it actually is an album that knows how to set a mood and continue that for a whole album without ever getting boring. A mood that is dark and adventurous. Exploring beyond the trodden paths, too find more trodden paths and some strange sounds. But the album just misses that something, that makes an album stick out of the bulk of albums that are released.

The A5 booklet that comes with this cd has a quite typical outside for this kind of releases. On the inside however a scene is set that fits the music perfectly. Several pictures of a small town next to a river are shown, where one first gets the feeling all is quiet but upon closer inspection it just feels like something is wrong. Many times it is in the clouds, then again it might also be behind the doors of the houses, or basicly anywhere in the town. The music takes you for an exploration through this town, trying to uncover the secrets.

artist: Hamre, Karsten
label: Elixir Creations
details: 2004, 7 tracks