Hanin Elias -­ Future Noir

Hanin Elias is a name that will ring a bell by a lot of people. Once she was the front woman of Atari Teenage Riot. Now she is the label boss of Fatal Recordings and producer of electronic music with a punk attitude. The punk influences might not be heard very easily on this new record Future Noir .

Musically this album is rather relaxing with trip hop beats and dark lounge moods. From time to time more industrial sounding beats pop up (‘Future Noir’ and Burn’). But still the overall sound of the album is rather tranquil for a riot girl. Even further away from the typical punk idiom is the unplugged song Untouchable’.

Future Noir is an atypical punk record. But, still not a record for the masses.

artist: Elias, Hanin
label: Cochon Records
details: cd, 13 tracks [coch018]