Haus Arafna – Blut: Trilogie des Blutes + Nachblutung

The first album of Haus Arafna finally re-released to do something against the piracy, but probably most welcomed by the people who don’t have the original release. Blut: Trilogie des Blutes was first released in 1995. This re-issue features three bonus tracks from the same period.

If you are familiar with the sounds of Haus Arafna you know what to expect. Blut offers some of the most intense analogue pwer electronics mixed with dark minimal electronics around. Harsh and terrifying sound sculptures are spit out over you. Pulsating noises and screaming machines will make you shiver.
‘Blot out your soul’ and ‘He colored me blind’ are excellent pieces to torture the dancefloor with.
Nightmarish are ‘The hell of a world next door’ and ‘Selection’. The extra three tracks are nice and are placed at the end of the record as a sort of bitter dessert.

Blut is an impressive and intense piece of work. The music has lost nothing of its power and impact in ten years time. This is all you could hope for when it comes to pitch black electronic music. A classic!

artist: Haus Arafna
label: Galakthorrö
details: cd, 16 tracks [GALAKTHORRÖ006]