Haus Arafna – Fur Immer

Haus Arafna, from the house of Galakthorrö, makes strange analog noise. The ‘band’ consists of Mr. Arafna (electronics, vocals, programming) and Mrs. Arafna (realism, vocals, structuring). The world of Haus Arafna is merciless, full of urban nightmares. Misantrophy and hate are the main themes. The atmosphere reminds you of scary B-movies, through its strange samples, screams, sounds and graphics. This 4-track single, that comes in a luxurious fold-out cover, has a different sound than the two albums (Blut and Children of God) the band made sofar. It is a bit less noisy, the songs have a clearer structure, you even get the impresssion that Mr. Arafna tries to sing on this record! The sound reminds me a bit of a harsher version of Joy Division. Probably the band was inspired by their side-project November Növelet, that has a more laid-back sound. Not that this is easy listening, the title track with its irrestible rhythm is very suitable for industrial dancefloors and the overall atmosphere is as mean and filthy as before.

artist: Haus Arafna
label: Galakthorrö
details: 4 tracks, limited to 1690 copies