Haus Arafna – The singles 1993-2000

The Galakthorrö label has been operating for ten years now. Their best known group is without a doubt Haus Arafna. Throughout the years there have been a couple of limited (and now well sought) 7” singles by Haus Arafna. On this disc all four singles are collected (both a and b sides). The cd is both a ‘gift’ to the fans as a way to counter the (inferior) bootlegs that are being made.

This cd portrays the evolution of the Arafna sound, from the extreme power electronics in their early period (Sex u mass single) to the more experimental sounds of more recent releases (Für Immer single). The dark and threatening atmosphere is however always present, due to the combination of pulsating sounds and screamed and spoken lyrics.

Most likely a lot of people will buy this cd for the underground hit ‘Für Immer’, which is a true modern classic (and here featured in its original version, unlike on the Butterfly album). These people get a nice document along with it on which all other highlights from the Haus Arafna repertoire are collected. A must have!

artist: Haus Arafna
label: Galakthorrö
details: 13 tracks [galakthorroe015]