Hazard – Land

With his fifth release as Hazard, Benny Nilsen again refines his concept of using the sounds of nature and the environment as a source material for creating sweeping and meditative drones.

While his last CD ?Wind? (see review on this website) focussed entirely on the wind and weather recordings made by Chris Watson, this CD uses various sound sources. Some of the recordings again use Watson?s weather sounds, but the sound of trains and various other sources are also used.

The sound on ?Land? seems to be slightly less processed than on previous hazard albums, since the sound of wind is very recognizable. This gives the CD a more ?pure?, but also a more ?raw? feeling, although the music remains incredibly subtle.

Again a beautiful release by Hazard, which is certainly recommended to fans of Biosphere, Chris Watson, Alio Die, or the more accessible works of Francisco Lopez.

artist: Hazard
label: Touch
details: 7 tracks, 40 min. [Touch # Tone 17]