Hazard – Wind

?Wind? is Benny Nilsen?s Fourth album as Hazard. After his legendary releases as Morthound on Cold Meat Industry, Nilsen found a new approach to music and has been refining it ever since. Where every Morthound album had a different sound and a different atmosphere, the Hazard releases become more and more focussed on meditative drones based on the processed sounds of nature and environment.

The sounds used on this CD all originate from recordings made by Chris Watson. Watson recorded wind and weather sounds with various professional microphones and Nilsen reworked and manipulated the material into a long and distant sounding soundscape. The wind sounds are a perfect source for making meditative drones and therefore this CD is an exciting trip into the sound of the weather.

With this release, Hazard seems to have firmly rooted himself in the Ash/Touch family of artists, finding himself amongst famous musicians such as Biosphere, Philip Jeck, Mika Vainio and Chris Watson. This is certainly no coincidence, for Nilsen has certainly proved to be one of the most refined and convincing sound artists in the field of ambient-drones.

artist: Hazard
label: Ash International
details: 8 tracks - 50:01 [Ash 6.5]