Head Resonance Company – 80-84: 15 tracks for unknown people

This is a weird but interesting release. On the first lp of this double lp set there are fifteen tracks of experimental sounds and noises. The second lp features minimal electronics, released under the name of Peter Pixel. A combination of styles you don’t see that often, but that should be done more often.

Head Resonance was an interdisciplinary art project from the 80’s. They worked in many fields of arts. Amongst others they were involved in video art, installations, performances and sound sculptures.

Some of these sound sculptures can be found on the first lp. Expect repetitive structures, minimal rhythms and pulsating sounds. The music is more about ideas then about creating pleasant music to listen to, as it should be in art music.

So, these fifteen tracks must be seen as experiments. Too be honest, this is really an interesting piece of music but you will most likely only play it once in a while. Maybe because of that there is the second lp included with more easy music.

On the second lp are five tracks of minimal electronics with a touch of classic EBM. All tracks are long, extremely minimal but danceable. Especially the ten minutes long ‘Ich und meine Mammaschin’ and the almost seven minutes counting ‘Du bist alles’ are catchy pieces of minimalism.

So, once again a great release form Vinyl On Demand and another excursion in time and into the archives of obscure music. And, as always only on limited vinyl.

artist: Head Resonance Company
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: 2lp, 20 tracks [VOD9]