Heart of Snow – Endure or More

Before Swann Danger became Swann Danger, the band was called Heart of Snow. Instead of a duo the band consisted of four members and instead of a drummachine there was a real live drummer involved.

Swann Danger was a logical continuation of Heart of Snow. Both bands have a clear early Siouxsie post-punk sound. Only Heart of Snow played faster and more fierce. Swann Danger is also less punk and more new wave orientated and uses some more indie and shoegazer elements.

The four tracks on this EP are energetic and intense pieces of arty guitar music. ‘Red’ is a classic post-punk track while ‘ Too late’ might also appeal to fans of indie rock, like that of Lush for example. On the back side are two more dark tracks (‘Aim’ and ‘Start Carving’) with very evident 80’s references.

At least the vinyl version of this EP is now a collector’s item, if I am not mistaken. But there is a good change Swann Danger will play (some of) these songs on 8 july when they perform for the first time in The Netherlands during Hex in Amsterdam.

artist: Heart of Snow
label: Gold Standard Laboratories
details: 12"/cd, 4 tracks [GSL42]