Hecq – Bad Karma

Hecq is a relatively young musician. This is his third record and the second for Hymen. If you listen to his work you will hear Hecq becoming bit by bit more himself. His sound evolves into a unique style of his own along the way.

On this new record there are still hints of other idm / electronic music artists in his music (like for example Beefcake) but more and more his own style is being displayed. Listen for example to the tribal sounding rhythms on ‘Distract’ and ‘Scumdrum’. Also his clicks and moods on tracks like ‘The Fiend’ and Mourning Gates’ have something you have probably not heard a lot before.

Very nice are the two collaborations with L’Ombre and Architect. These artists fit very well into the world of sounds created by Hecq. Bad Karma is a record you need to hear if you like intelligent electronic music.

artist: Hecq
label: Hymen
details: cd, 16 tracks [¥748+kal009]