Hecq – Scatterheart

Everybody that is interested in industrial and idm knows that if you are looking for high quality innovating electronic music you have to keep an eye out for the releases on Hymen. Hecq is their new discovery. Scatterheart is actually the second Hecq release, but this is the first one on Hymen.

The listener is taken into a varied world of sounds and forms when playing this record. There is some idm to be found on this release, both as real tracks and as short pieces of music (‘p.1.1’ and ‘Coup de Lune’), but also a sort of weird elektro disco (‘Road North’). What holds this record together is the overall melancholy mood. Even as divers as the record is you will experience it as a natural whole.

Hecq doesn’t care for coventions about album formats and song structures. He plays around with sounds and forms and does that in a brilliant way. Scatterheart might be called a free form album but it doesn’t loose itself in endless experiments as sometimes happens with this sort of music.

The result is an outstanding album. Not to be missed if you are into progressive electronic music.

artist: Hecq
label: Hymen
details: 23 tracks [¥742+kal007]