Hekate – Goddess

After three years there is finally a new album by Hekate. In the past I found the band not always consistent in material and quality of their work. This new album is the most cohesive release they have made so far.

Most songs are inspired by European myths and legend, like the Grail legend and that of Morgan le Fay (the lady of the lake). Musically this is well translated. The songs have often a mystical and mysterious feeling to them, like ‘Montsègur’ and ‘Flammenlied’.

You will hear folk and medieval influences in perfect harmony with some electronic elements. There are also some more powerfull tracks on Goddess, like ‘Barbarossa’ (which was also on the recent compilation) and the militant sounding ‘Moritori e salutant’. But overall Goddess is an album with a tranquil and soft mood.

There is also a deluxe edition of this record with a second cd with remixes done by Arcana, Sieben, Gae Bolg and many more musicians.

artist: Hekate
label: Auerbach
details: 11 tracks [AB011]