Hekate – Hambach / 1848

Rather onconventional, this mini LP by Hekate , and that for a new band, released on their own label in 1999. The package is special: a wooden plate with etchings accompanies a white vinyl 10″ and a nice booklet. Also the theme of the record is unusual: it is a conceptual record about historical matter, fully dedicated to and using texts from the era of the revolutions in 1848, that had a lot of influence all over Europe. What strikes me most about the music is the combination of heavy percussion, ambient electronic sounds and traditional instruments, which sometimes has a trance-like effect. Hekate consists of seven members and uses both both male and female vocals and a varied instrumentarium. A few outstanding tracks make this one of my favourite records. Limited to only 350 pieces, this will become a true collector’s item.

artist: Hekate
label: Taos
details: white vinyl 10' with etched wooden plate