Hekate – Tempeltänze

This EP, with a playing time of 38 minutes, is a nice way to shorten the waiting for a complete new album. Tempeltanze contains 8 very different tracks, presenting the different styles that the band controls. Two tracks already appeared on compilations in the past, but weren’t in my possession yet, so I don’t mind. The album starts with an instrumental intro, followed by Tempeltanz I, a medieval invitation to dance, with bagpipe and bells, alternately sung by Axel Menz and Susanne Grosche. Melancholy starts with electronic sounds, making you wonder what will follow. Well, a melancholic tune with beautiful cello and guitar parts, and nice vocals by Susanne.

Henry M. – A wild dream takes you to the Paris where Henry Miller lived, and this happy song, with the instant recognizable violin work of guest Matt Howden, makes you want to walk on the Champs Elysees with Anais Nin on your side… Tempo di Lupo is all about drumming and rhythms, as the band is known for at concerts, you get an urge to grab a drumstick yourself.. Then comes the slow and dreamlike Ich hab die nacht getraumet, followed by Mithras’ Garden, a bagpipe dominated ritual song, that makes you want to uncork a few bottles of wine. After an electronic outro we are treated to a mystery track, Im Morgennebel, an old ‘Pfadfinderlied’…

artist: Hekate
label: Well Of Urd
details: 8 tracks + 1