Helvetikone – Dgf #1

Helvetikone is the first release on Front, a record label that offers a platform for artists that are affiliated with the radio show Digital Gadget, braodcasting in Berlin. Helvetikone is one side of the live act Taktik.

Helvetikone give us heavy beats, with slightly chaotic sounds over them. Borrowing from different dance styles, Helvetikone is able to create pleasant and danceable tracks. The tracks somehow are very clean, and have been put together really well. Sometimes in my eyes a little too short. And at some point the tracks become a little bit too much of the same over and over again. But luckily the good sounds and the good composition of the songs keep it interesting enough to listen to this record till the end without skipping through tracks.

A nice release. Nothing too new, but simply a good and enjoyable release, that will keep the fans of experimental dance music entertained for some time. Well worth a listen.

artist: Helvetikone
label: Front
details: mlp, 8 tracks