Herbst9 – : Enenylyn :

After the excellent cd Buried under time and sand, I felt the need to obtain more material of this dark ambient duo from Leipzig. Therefore I was quite happy to find this single with two tracks from Herbst9. As always with Drone Records, this is a limited 7″ assembled with a lot of care. Usually the label deals in more obscure acts, but now and then a more established name which fits their ideology fills a Drone single as well. For Herbst9 this is their first release outside of Loki Foundation.

A single is perhaps a little short to really get in to the mood of a soundscape, but luckily both tracks last well over 7 minutes. Both pieces really have a detailed sound, besides the underlying drones new surprising sound lurk behind every corner. Especially ‘Tynemlen’ has a cold atmosphere with a ongoing floating synth pattern, eerie scraping sounds and noisy industrial effects. ‘Mletkin’ has that otherworldy ritual feel that Herbst9 often excels in, sounding hypnotic and meditative. A fine single with two convincing soundscapes.

artist: Herbst9
label: Drone Records
details: 7", 2 tracks. first edition 2004, 300 copies [DR-67]