Hexentanz – Nekrocrafte

This extremely dark record is produced by a project called Hexentanz, which is a collaboration between The Soil Bleeds Black and Psychonaut 75. Nekrocrafte is the first full length release by this project.

Expect some dark ritual music when playing this cd. The sound is a mixture of electronic textures and acoustic instruments playing medieval inspired melodies. These acoustic sounds are very clearly by the musicians of The Soil Bleeds Black. But, this is in no way a The Soil Bleeds Black album.

The music is darker, more haunting and not so typical medieval. You might even call the music by Hexentanz demonic, also due to the dark and frightening voices. The dark soundscapes on this cd are not recommended to play with the lights off or at night. They are scary enough on their own in the day time and with lights on.
This is an excellent dark soundtrack, not for the faint hearted.

artist: Hexentanz
label: Fossil Dungeon, The
details: 9 tracks [FD021]