Hidden Place – Weather station

A self-released cd-r with ten tracks by a so far unknown project called Hidden Place from Italy. On Weather station they demonstrate a cold atmospheric electronic sound.

The songs on this cd sound somewhere between wave, pop and electro. They have a dark, icy sound with clinical beats and moody synth melodies, and a comibation of low half-spoken male vocals and more ethereal female singing.

The project reminds me strongly, both in sound and mood, of countrymen Kirlian Camera. Even the song titles make me think of that famous example, with names like ‘Colours of sunset’, ‘Helden’ and ‘Flowers of loneliness’. A coldwave song like ‘Centrali termoelecttriche’ also has clear reminiscenses of The Frozen Autumn.

With the variety is nothing wrong and the compositions are quite nice, though a bit static at times. There are uptempo, poppy songs like ‘Pure ice’, slower pieces with ambient elements (‘Emotional frequencies’) and even a folky song with acoustic guitars (‘Anymore’).

All in all quite a pleasant cd to listen to. If they work a little more on the vocals and try to sound a bit less than their sources of inspiration, Hidden Place certainly has potential.

artist: Hidden Place
details: cd-r, 10 tracks