His Divine Grace – Le Grand Secret

This new His Divine Grace album is all about the “Dots and Bars” conspiracy. The discovery of this conspiracy, by Sekens Murdock, led to the death of Leontin Voigt Abilgaard. Leontin is also known as the mastermind behind the obscure act Taciturne. The strange circumstances around the death of both Leontin and Sekens are the theme of this absolute great dark ambient record.

His Divine Grace sounds darker as on Die Schlängenkönigin and the split with Novy Svet. The sound has grown and is more majestic as before. Only the way the record opens is already impressive. It reminds me of the earlier work of Raison D’être and maybe even of some more tranquil pieces by The Protagonist.

Thus prepare yourself for some industrial sounds. But don’t worry; the beautiful tranquil and magical elements are also still there. These are perfectly mixed with the harsher sounds. As both within the tracks as on the record as a whole the blending of louder industrial elements and soothing sounds is done with precision.

Le Grand Secret is an impressive record. I can recommend it to any (dark) ambient fan. The compositions are of the highest quality and done with eye for details.
And… if you want to know more about the “Dots and Bars” conspiracy, search for Samantha Nuller on the internet. She discovered Leontin after his presumed suicide…

artist: His Divine Grace
label: Reue um Reue
details: cd, 10 tracks [Reue Um Reue 001]