Höghielm, Karin – Fabra

This is not an easy cd.The music of Karin Höghielm is a mix of modern classic music and chamber music with various traditional music influences. Most of the songs are tranquil, almost meditative at times, often with a poetic twist. ‘Lighten up’ and ‘Watersong’ are good examples of that.

The most folky song is ‘Döden’ which features Tängman from Ars Ultima/AU on hurdy gurdy. Really beautiful is the Dead Can Dance like ‘Halla’. This song has some great singing which is accompanied by an organ and church bells. In the same style is ‘Ave Maris Stella’ which is sung by a choir. These two tracks are also the last two on this cd and give the whole album
somehow a sacred touch.

Not an everyday record, but an interesting one for sure.

artist: Höghielm, Karin
label: Särart Productions
details: 14 tracks [SP CD 622]