Honeyhander -­ Woolley Mannerisms

At times like these when post-punk is being hyped and plugged in mainstream media it is good to see some people continue with what they have been doing fore years. So, Release The Bats Records comes with this very good EP by the American based band Honeyhander.

In only 23 minutes this band impresses with this record full of fierce and original post-punk sounds. Expect no catchy dance tunes but noisy and more experimental tracks. Early Sonic Youth sounds pop up at times, just like the noisy side of My Bloody Valentine.

Our Connoisseurs Are Feeders” is the most easy track and could do good at some parties. But you should not listen to Woolley Mannerisms for only that track. The whole collection of sounds should be heard.
This record is refreshing and more then welcome among all the slick produced so called post-punk music of today.

artist: Honeyhander
label: Release The Bats
details: cd, 6 tracks [RTB#11]