Horchata – Basidia

Horchata is one of the acts that has been really active in the dark-hop/illbient scene on the internet. Many of the acts involved in this ?scene? were insprired by the many works of Mick Harris (Scorn). After numerous CDR albums and a vinyl 12?, Horchata now presents a new full-length disc on Ad Noiseam.

Horchata creates slow moving electronic music with beats, bass and strings. All of the sounds used seem to be slower down somehow, because the tracks always sound very sleepy or dreamy. This causes the tracks to sometimes sound a bit dull or uninspired, but in fact there is a lot of detail and an excellent ?dreamy? atmosphere which is a bit soundtrack-like.

Basidia is certainly Horchata?s best work to date, it can be compared to a moody and slowed down version of projects like Scorn, Mothboy, Ocosi, Larvae, Zenopede, Twine.

artist: Horchata
label: Ad Noiseam
details: [adn36]