Horologium – The fire sermon

Horologium is the project of Grzegorz Siedlecki from Poland. Lately he has been quite productive with various releases and collaborations on small labels, but The Fire Sermon can perhaps be considered as his ‘official’ debut. The music of Horologium can be described as ritualistic ambiance, with classical and industrial elements.

The eight tracks are built up from a rich mixture of choirs, percussion, samples, neo-classical sounds, dark soundscapes. My favourite piece are ‘To Carthage’, with stirring ritual percussion and chants amongst others, and the more industrial sounding ‘Kazanie Ogniste II’.

In general Horologium has created an enjoyable album, which apparently was heavily influenced by ‘The Waste Land’ of T.S. Eliot. Not every track is equally fascinating, but the atmosphere is nice and the diversity of elements makes it an interesting listening experience.

artist: Horologium
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: cd, 8 tracks, 2005 [DC 041]