Human Disease – Our Flesh Deception

Human Disease is a deathrock band from Italy. Unlike many other deathrock bands nowadays their sound is less rock orientated and is more arty and theatrical. Thus, very much like Christian Death in their prime.

Many songs are rather tranquil with some energetic moments. Even the few more rocking tracks (‘Nativity’ and ‘Disolved in Flesh’) are rather tranquil. All songs sound very emotional mostly due to the vocal parts. The vocals are hollering without sounding too much like an imitation of Rozz Williams.

Especially the moody songs like ‘Even Unblameable’ and ‘Mother Sodom’ are good. With these songs (and this album in general) Human Disease will draw some attention for sure. Their classic sound and mood is something seldom heard in this way today. A very promising new band.

artist: Human Disease
label: Strobelight Records
details: 11 tracks [STROB010]