Human Puppets – The Future From The Past

From Greece come the Human Puppets. Last year they released their debut 7” which was received very well in minimal wave circles. Now there is their debut LP. There is not much to say except that this LP is even much better then their 7”.

Human Puppets have grown a lot in a short period of time. The songs are better and their sound has become darker and less poppy. On tracks like ‘Lost Loves’, Chords Of Minore’ and ‘International’ the band sounds even a bit like (early) Echo West and Silent Signals. ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Minimal Man’ and ‘In The Night’ are nice melancholy classic minimal elektro wave tracks. And, real hits for the dancefloor.

It is only too bad that the sleeve and the insert are not of the same standard as with other Hertz and Kernkrach releases. Besides this The Future From The Past is an excellent record.

artist: Human Puppets
label: Hertz
details: lp, 10 tracks [Hertz011]