Huren – Ordet

While Huren?s earlier releases on Zhark seemed to consist of quite straightforward, and incredibly heavy techno-industrial, Huren seems to have edged away from the straightforward approach with this release (something which was already apparent with his CD album ?pub(l)ic meat?). Although the pounding 4/4 techno element is still present, Huren presents something that is a lot more complex.

The material is still incredibly heavy. Extreme basses and noises are used to create a sound-structure that can definitely be called ?industrial?. The tracks show a big influence of acid and glitch music, but this is done in a way that is completely abstract and over the top. Every sound has been distorted and tweaked. There is an immense amount of detail, the beats tend to be unpredictable and chaotic, and stop in a very unpredictable way.

The original use of machinelike rhythms, lots of bass, sudden glitches and noises make up for a technoid soundscape that can be perhaps best compared to a mixture between AFX, Basic Channel and SPK.

artist: Huren
label: Zhark Records
details: 12"