I, Parasite – Horseslayer

“Horseslayer” is the second release from I, Parasite. It presents a mixture of new material and remixes of ‘Turin’ tracks by Android Lust, Cydonia, Alien Faktor and the band themselves. The opener ‘Brutality’ is a very aggressive dance track with hard pounding beats and deep bass tones. ‘String ladder’ shows the ambient side of I, Parasite: an almost dubby rhythm, low strings and floating guitar chords make up an excellent and subtle instrumental piece.

On the whole ‘Horseslayer’ sounds more noisy than the debut. Dark apocalyptic atmospheres and creepy piano and harpsichord melodies are combined with heavy, harsh electro-industrial sounds. This conjures somehow I, Parasite’s unique style. Singer Nurv says about the reason for writing this emotional music: ‘…it’s an outlet for all of my negativity. Then I can attempt to live a semi-normal life…’

artist: I, Parasite
label: Tinman