I, Parasite – On this cold floor – promo

I,Parasite from New York City has convinced me in the past with some good intelligent electro music. On albums like “Turin’ and “Horseslayer” harsh rhythms and atmospheric elements alternate nicely. This new 4-track promo is a teaser for the forthcoming new album “On this cold floor”. The first track completely surprised me, and I must say not in a pleasing manner. Contrary to all my exceptions it’s a violent piece of crossover metal, with aggressive guitars and heavily distorted screamed vocals. I must say it was a relief when ‘A faceless man’ was over, perhaps I would have liked it years ago when I appreciated acts like Ministry, Cubanate or acts from the Earache stable.

The second track, ‘Spoke’, takes us to more tranquil territories. It has a momotonous, midtempo beat and a very clean, dry sound. The vocals are rather plaintive, with very dark stream-of-consciousness lyrics. I quite like this song, which is danceable and suitable for a single, though very repetive. ‘Dry’ is much more hectic, with some chaotic rhythms, though it also has some nice atmospheric elements. I’m not so fond of the desperate vocals though. The last and exclusive track is not bad, with fast breakbeats, but it’s quite short, under two minutes.
I’m not completely convinced by this promo, only ‘Spoke’ is a really good track in my opinion. But I,Parasite has shown some excellent things in the past, so I don’t despair yet for the full upcoming album.

artist: I, Parasite
label: Dark Vision Media