I, Parasite – On This Cold Floor

On This Cold Floor is the third I, Parasite record and the first Christopher Jon has made without his companion Nurv. This progressive dark electro/industrial act had made a definite change in style since the last record. This was already evident with the 4-track promo that was released a couple of months ago as a teaser for this new full-length cd.

The opening track, ‘Cold Floor’, surprises. It is a song dominated by an acoustic guitar that is accompanied by slow beats. After this song ‘Dry’ begins abrupt with hectic breakbeats. ‘Thirst’, the third track is a dynamic and dark electro/industrial track that calls to mind Nine Inch Nails during their ‘The Downward Spiral’ period.
This comparison is fitting for the rest of the album, but especially for the tracks ‘Child For Our Amusement’, ‘Something Terrible’ and ‘Leave The Child
Behind’. The overall feeling, the instruments, the sound and the song structures show clear resemblance with the industrial masterpiece by Trent Reznor.

That On This Cold Floor calls to mind The Downward Spiral doesn’t mean that it is a copy of that album or an irrelevant album. This is certainly
not the case. On This Cold Floor is an album Trent Reznor may hope to make again some day. In an inventive and original way I, Parasite deals with
electro, industrial, rock, ambient, noise and idm and comes up with very modern and innovative form of industrial music.

‘Child For Our Amusement’ has the potential to become just a big a hit as ‘Closer’ was for Nine Inch Nails, and ‘Pale’ is a beautiful quite song that can easily compete with ‘Hurt’. With this record I, Parasite should be able to reach a
broader (underground) audience than it has up till know. Due to the variety on this album of harsh, dark, quite and a few more accessible songs On This Cold
Floor is a great album, and one that should not be missed out on by the alternative scene in general.

artist: I, Parasite
label: Dark Vision Media
details: 15 tracks