I, Parasite – Turin

NYC’s I, Parasite was formed in 1994. Dark, moody electronics with elements of early industrial, powernoise, ambient, goth-punk and neoclassical were some of the ingredients of the music they began to create. After a while experimenting the duo became part of the multimedia project ‘Dark Vision Media’. Nurv (voice, programming) and J. (programming) like to combine music with other forms of artistic expression, such as graphic and performance art. ‘Turin’ (1998) is their debut, released on the American Tinman label.

The music and vocals make you remind of the most traumatic and darkest moments of Skinny Puppy. The carefully composed tracks are loaded with frustration, agression and despair. Atmospheric, brooding melodies are varied with explosions of rhythm and distorted sounds. It’s a nostalgic feeling that captures you from the opening rail tunnel sounds of ‘Piety’. An uptempo track like ‘Flesh to take’ fills you with complete rage, while ‘Slow pain of water’ brings sadness and melancholy in beautiful slow synth chords. I, Parasite transforms human emotions into dark electro-industrial.

artist: I, Parasite
label: Tinman