Ich – Memory Mix

Ich is an obscure 80’s minimal electronics act. There is already a brilliant 7” released with music from Ich by Kernkrach. Now Berlin based recordstore and label Das Drehmoment has released a full-length album. Next to a selection from tapes there are two remixes by contemporary musicians included.

Memory Mixopens with a classic elektro track. If you wouldn’t know better you could think this track was a Detroit product, only colder and more European, and of course produced much earlier. After that more typical minimal electronic sounds are let loose on the listener (‘Was?’, ‘Rhytric’ and ‘ Airport’). Very nice is the rework by Echo West. The track stays close to the original (released on the Kernkrach 7”), but giving more depth to it by expanding the tension.

The other remix is done by Keen K. This artist made Syncron’ (also on the Kernkrach 7”) into a cheesy disco track that spoils the mood of the record. Luckily it is track one of the B-side, so you can skip it easily.

Another disappointment is the inclusion of ‘Kommt Los!’. This track is very close to, or maybe another version of ‘Funkhaus’ (again on the Kernkrach 7”). Very nice on the other hand is the 3” cd-r with video that comes with the first editions. In overall this is a nice record. But, the record doesn’t have one absolute highlight like the track ‘Tod’ on the Kernkrach 7”.

Watch the video (30 MB)…

artist: Ich
label: Das Drehmoment
details: lp, 11 tracks [dd003]