Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte – Conspiracy

The double label Treue Um Treue / Reue Um Reue now has a third department called Getreu Allezeit. This department is responsible for releasing films. The first film released is by Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte (Laszlo P.S. from Wermut) and is entitled

This film is a claustrophobic piece. It is like you are stuck in a loop but not completely. Little changes are taking you by the hand through the images and sounds that are mostly very repetitive.

A pulsating and minimal soundscape serves as a fitting soundtrack for the images of a woman (?) dancing in a room. (S)he is wearing an old back sports uniform and at times she is decorated with a necklace of an eagle and swastika. The movements seem strange as the film sequences are slowed down. This gives the film a fragmented and strange feeling.

More suspense is raised by the fragments of old (war/propaganda?) films that are placed in between the scenes of the dancer. The images are distorted and the color is yellow and brown like. This together with the fragmented effect, and the repetitive and pulsating sounds, works very well to create a claustrophobic feeling.

With the rise of the third department, TuT/RuR leaves no doubt that they stand for totally independent artistic productions. Also this first film proves they know what they are doing. An initiative that deserves support!

You can see and hear Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte live in Amsterdam at 22 april at the Hex party.

artist: Ich Wollte, Ich Könnte
label: Getreu Allezeit
details: DVD-r, film & soundtrack [Zeit01]