ICK – Les Actions Rétro-Actives

ICK is the radical French nihiltronix project that is known from its release on Hau Ruck! and other labels. This new LP shows that the project is moving more and more from old style industrial to traditional minimal electronics territory.

Expect some mean and nasty analogue sounds to disturb your mind and body: minimal electronics meets old school industrial meets raw punk. Slow tracks like ‘Le Refus’ and ‘Droit De Réponse’ are mixed with more up-tempo pieces like ‘DASS mes veines’. In a strange way ‘Les Chiens De Garde’ even seems to be influenced by new beat.

Anyway, the evolution of ICK is not disappointing at all. On the contrary, it seems the logical step and sounds natural. I am sure we will be hearing more of this side of ICK in the near future.

artist: ICK
label: La Nouvelle Alliance
details: LP, 10 tracks [LAN010]