IDLO – trans level

IDLO is a Belgian project already active since 1983! Since then they had some releases on vinyl and cassette, but this is their first cd. In 1994 they ceased their activities, but in 200 they became active again, recording this album in their home studio. IDLO also intends to release a remix album of older material soon. The band states that visual aspects are very important to them, well, then it is perhaps not surprising that they added a complete magazine to this cd, full of information about the band and a lot of B&W photos and artwork. IDLO also seems to have caused controversy on stage in the past, with original performance acts. Their music can be described as minimal instrumental electro, with a ‘retro’, analogue feel. Some tracks are very danceable, like the highlights ‘Trans level’ and ‘Contain me’ (game mix). These songs are quite simple, with straightforward beats, but very effective. Addictive like a Commodore 64 computer game, simply pleasing to listen to. Some tracks are less catchy, a piece like ‘Ivanov A.G.’, with strangily distorted voices, reminds me a more of older material of Die Form. If you like the old Belgian EBM in a pure form, then IDLO is a nice nostalgic journey for you. Perhaps it can also ride along on the modern electroclash wave.

artist: IDLO
label: Galaxy
details: 8 tracks