Ikon – Ceremony / In A Lonely Place

Ikon has very recently released a compilation cd (a review will follow soon on this site) and this new limited edition single-cd. The band has always sounded a lot like Joy Division. So, it might be no surprise that Ikon has released a cover single that can be seen as a tribute to this band. Although both Ceremony and In A Lonely Place were released by New Order, the songs were written in the bands Joy Divison period.

Ikon’s versions of these songs differ not much from the original. The songs are played in an authentic way, maybe only a bit faster and more rock orientated.
As a bonus there is at the end of this single a hidden track, Shadowplay, performed live by Ikon.

On the one hand this single is a little bit disappointing because the versions Ikon play sound so much like the original. On the other hand, the original songs are such good that nobody should be allowed to change a thing about them. Next to that there is the fact that Ikon has been playing more or less in the same style as Joy Division for some years now, so a really different style would also have been
weird. This is a nice collectors item for both Ikon and Joy Divison/New Order fans alike.

artist: Ikon
label: Nile Records
details: limited cd-single