Ikon – From Angels to Ashes 1997- 2003

After the recent release of the limited edition cd single Ceremony/In A Lonely Place, Ikon has released this compilation album. From Angels to Ashes is a very nice overview with songs from the cd’s the band has released from 1997 till now. For the greatest part the songs featured on this compilation differ from the versions as found on the albums. Due to this From Angels to Ashes is both a nice introduction to the band as a welcome new cd for the fans.

This last group is treated especially nice because there are also two new songs, ‘Scorpio Rising’ and ‘The Golden Dawn’, on this compilation. Both songs are very good and go back to guitar sound of the early period of the band. The dance elements and overdone synthesizer sounds have disappeared again to the background. Ikon is one of the best gothicrock bands and this compilation proves that. From Angels to Ashes is a nice document and will certainly satisfy until there is a new album.

[note: earlier Ikon released the compilation “Dawn of the Ikonoclast”, which gave an overview of their work from 1991 till 1997]

artist: Ikon
label: Nile Records
details: 14 tracks